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Elastic Volume Service (EVS)

Clouds decouple computing and storage resources from the associated physical hardware. This allows you to easily scale your cloud infrastructure and components separately from one another. Storage is one of the main parts of your cloud server and is where your operating system and application data lie, making it an essential component within your cloud infrastructure. 

The Open Telekom Cloud Elastic Volume Service (EVS) is the scalable block storage solution for your Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) or Bare Metal Server (BMS). Multiple disk types are available, allowing you to make use of the most cost-efficient disk for your type of application. EVS disks are easily scalable and enable you to attach up to 60 of them to your servers. It is even possible to share EVS disks across up to 16 servers. Disks start at 10 GB and can be scaled up to 32 TB per disk.

Elastic Volume Service in the Open Telekom Cloud

Reasons for EVS in the Open Telekom Cloud



EVS data is stored in the Deutsche Telekom's datacenters. These run in Europe and comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements, ensuring that services built on top of the Open Telekom Cloud are easily and heedlessly GDPR-compliant.

Reliable & durable

Reliable & durable

EVS disks achieve an availability of 99.95% and a durability of up to 99.9999999% (9 nines), ensuring that your data is available, accessible and protected against loss and corruption. If you need more protection, you can make use of the backup functionality that allows you to store backups in multiple availability zones.

Cost & performance optimized

Cost & performance optimized

EVS disks can be selected as different disk types. This allows you to select the type that perfectly fits your performance demands and needs, meaning you can set up a cost-efficient service and only pay for the performance you really need.

Scalable & shareable

Scalable & shareable

Disks can be scaled to up to 32 TB per disk in convenient 1 GB steps without any service interruption. With the “advanced disk” functionality enabled on your ECS, it is possible to attach up to 60 disks to your ECS instance. In addition, EVS disks can be shared with up to 16 servers.

Key Features of EVS

Graphic Shared EVS disks

Shared EVS disks

Shared EVS disks allow you attach a disk to multiple ECSs or BMSs, sharing access to the disk across multiple servers (up to 16 at a time). Concurrent read/write operations can be executed. Usually, shared disks are used in business-critical applications that require a cluster deployment for high availability. With the usage of shared disks, you can generate much higher IOPS and provide a better performance to your application.



The EVS provides an encryption functionality that will automatically encrypt your data on your newly created file systems. The encryption service is provided via the Key Management Service (KMS)which uses the industry standard XTS-AES-256 encryption algorithm.



The Cloud Backup & Recovery (CBR) allows you to directly create backups for your EVS disks while your servers are running. This ensures your disks are protected against data loss or damage due to viruses, mis-operations, faulty software or hardware failure. The CBR service automatically stores your backup in multiple availability zones (AZs) of the Open Telekom Cloud, so your backup is available even in case of an outage of an entire AZ.



EVS allows you to create snapshots for your disks, which are images of disk data from a specific point in time. In case of misoperations, software related faults, accidental deletion or overwriting, snapshots can be used to restore your data to a specific point in time. In addition, snapshots can be used to create new disk. Snapshot data is stored directly on your EVS disk, while backups are stored on the Object Storage Service (OBS) using multiple Open Telekom Cloud AZs, therefore providing higher redundancy.

EVS disk types

Common I/O (SATA)

High I/O (SAS)

Ultra-High I/O (SSD)

Extreme SSD (SSD)

Use case

Enterprise office applications and small-scale testing

High-performance scenarios like enterprise applications or large-scale development & testing

Read/write intense scenarios like distributed file systems or NoSQL/RDS databases

High Performance Computing & IOPS-intense workloads

Capacity per disk

10 GB - 32 TB

10 GB - 32 TB

10 GB - 32 TB

10 GB - 32 TB

Max. IOPS per disk




128,000 (BMS)
100,000 (ECS)


100 + 1 x Capacity

100 + 2 x Capacity

100 + 50 x Capacity

1,800 + 50 x Capacity

Max. throughput per disk

40 MB/s

120 MB/s

320 MB/s

1 GB/s

Disk Throughput

40 MB/s

100 + 0.15 x Capacity

120 + 0.5 x Capacity

120 + 0.5 x Capacity


10 - 15 ms

6 - 10 ms

1 - 3 ms

< 1 ms


Up to 99.9999999% (9x9)

Up to 99.9999999% (9x9)

Up to 99.9999999% (9x9)

Up to 99.9999999% (9x9)






Structure and Function

Structure and Function of Elastic Volume Service

Use Cases

High-Performance Computing

Enterprise Applications

NoSQL & Relational Databases

Development & test environments


New Features

EVS "Ultra-high IO - latency optimized" & "High IO - performance optimized" disk types end of life at 01.07.2023View Details
IAM's access permissions for the EVS are now also available in the NL regionView Details
Migration of Backups for ServerView Details
COMING SOONQ2/2024 – New “General Purpose SSD” disk type 

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