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Inform, advise, answer: the chatbots from Kauz facilitate communication.
Inform, advise, answer: the chatbots from Kauz facilitate communication.

Six questions for Thomas Rüdel of Kauz GmbH

You founded a startup. In three sentences: What challenges do your customers have?

Our customers want easy communication with their customers or employees. The goal is to quickly provide information such as opening hours or solutions to problems, and to advise on products if necessary. As a rule, callers ask the same questions over and over again, and these can be answered automatically. 

What does your solution for this look like?

We offer chatbots and a conversational AI platform with linguistic technology developed in-house. These chatbots provide information, advice and answers to around 80 percent of queries automatically. Our customers save high costs per conversation with this automation.

What is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

Our technology is based on natural language understanding (NLU). This means that our chatbots understand natural language and can therefore provide more precise and satisfactory answers than many other solutions. At the same time, there is no need for time-consuming training. This is because our chatbot only needs the customer-specific information and can get started right away thanks to our integrated lexicon.

Thomas Rüdel, Kauz GmbH

Bei jeder Konversation sparen unsere Kunden hohe Kosten durch Automatisierung.

– Thomas Rüdel, Kauz GmbH

With every conversation, our customers save high costs through automation.

– Thomas Rüdel, Kauz GmbH

Why are you part of the TechBoost program?

The TechBoost program supports us in marketing, sales and, of course, with the Open Telekom Cloud, which is appreciated very much not only by us but also by our customers.

What services do you use from the Open Telekom Cloud?

We use the cloud for the complete operation of the chatbots. In addition to compute power, there are also a number of services for a secure and coordinated solution. We also use the NAT gateway and the Elastic Load Balancer to avoid single points of failure.

What do you have planned for the future?

We are making it even easier for our customers and partners to develop and maintain chatbots themselves by building in more and more language understanding. We're also providing templates for complete business processes that customers then only need to customize for themselves.

Kauz GmbH and the Open Telekom Cloud

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