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CloudGate – Compliance and Risk Management for Cloud Applications

CloudGate is the innovative SaaS solution for your cloud compliance. Risk assessment and approval of your cloud use cases have never been this fast. With CloudGate, you benefit from a central cloud use case register at the touch of a button, as well as numerous other advantages.

Product Type: SaaS
Provider: microfin Unternehmensberatung GmbH


What exactly is CloudGate? You will find the answers here

CloudGate by microfin is a SaaS solution for compliance and risk management for companies looking to use cloud services. With CloudGate, you can ensure compliance before use and throughout the entire cloud usage life cycle.


Key features of CloudGate

Only certain user groups have access to all three IaaS 1, SaaS 2 and SaaS 3.

Onboarding process for your cloud-based solution

The CloudGate onboarding process checks aspects of information security, data protection, and compliance for a variety of use cases, be it entire IaaS platforms or individual SaaS solutions. This process facilitates the identification and assessment of cloud risks. CloudGate supports your company in this with automated workflows as well as predefined and easily customizable checklists. Use cases can be managed and kept compliant during onboarding and throughout the entire lifecycle.

A collection of CloudGate checklists.

Compliance & revision security

Use cases are inspected using predefined checklists. As a customer, you also have the option to store your own checklists. microfin provides entensive check catalogues, e.g. BSI C5:2020, as well checklists especially relevant for banks and insurance companies, including EIOPA, VAG, MaGo, VAIT, EBA, KW, MaRisk and BAIT. There are regularly updated by microfin so that you are always up-to-date.

CloudGate also ensures a complete history of use case processing. The individual testing and release activities are continuously logged for each role. All use cases and reports can be exported at any time. Recurring test tasks can be assigned a reminder function and are always available in the cockpit/dashboard.

A colored table showing an overview of different classes of risk.

Risk management

Risk analyses with predefined checklists allow an easy yet thorough identification of risks. Customers can easily adapt the dimensions and classes of the risk matrix to their own risk management. Identified risks are backed up with mitigation measures, the implementation of which is tracked over time.

A central service register, use case related risk reports, as well as status overviews of mitigation measures guarantee an overview in the cloud zoo. Customer-specific applications, e.g. for the processing directory, requirements management, or collaborative navigation, can easily be docked to CloudGate via a REST API. This avoids redundant data collection in different applications.

Cloud user roles standing next to each other infront of a background of blue skies and white clouds.

User concept

User groups and user roles enable the efficient management of access authorizations. Using user roles, such as Product Owner or Cloud Manager, the (testing) tasks of individual divisions can be mapped. Each user decides for themselves whether they want to work in German or English.

The need-to-know principle ensures that the decision as to whether a resource may be accessed is based solely upon the user's identity and organizational affiliation. Use case repositories provide easy access to use cases and their associated scenarios. Implemented tagging can be used to better assign use cases, costs, or any other relationships.


With Cloudgate, you can accelerate the onboarding of your applications and make them more secure. You will also see how easily you can stay on top of the accompanying cloud application compliance and risk management.

Branimir Brodnik, CEO microfin


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