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Many start-ups and cloud service providers already work together with us an partners, using our technology and infrastructure for their cloud projects. This is a testament to their trust in the Open Telekom Cloud and our great partnership.

You can start using these services today to improve your IT systems or your company's communications and benefit from the advantages of the GDPR-compliant European cloud.

Graphical cloud in front of server hard drives.
Axxonsoft logo in front of a dark background with a security camera.

Axxon VSaaS Datacenter – Video Surveillance

Axxon VSaaS Datacenter is a video management software that enables you to build intelligent, cloud-based video surveillance solutions that harness the power of AxxonSoft's neural network analytics.

Calvi Logo vor einem Balkendiagramm

Calvi Insight – Turn the bill into an asset

Calvi is there to help you and your customers reduce bill processing efforts via an Electronic Bill Presentment (EBP) portal, using advanced analytics and expense management capabilities.

CloudGate Logo vor einem Foto eines Himmels mit Wolken.

CloudGate – Compliance and Risk Management

CloudGate is the innovative SaaS solution for your cloud compliance and enables fast risk assessment and approval of your cloud use cases, including a central cloud use case register.

DKSR Logo vor dem Foto einer morgendlichen Stadt von oben.

DKSR – Open-Source Data Platform

Shape the future of your municipality efficiently and sustainably via strategic data usage made possible with the open urban platform of the Data Competence Center for Cities and Regions (DKSR).

Logo Enclaive

Enclaive – Confidential Computing Technology

Confidential computing is a new computing paradigm which safeguards sensitive (customer) data at any moment in time.

eyeson Logo vor dunkelgrauem Hintergrund mit einem Linienmuster.

eyeson – Cloud-based Video Meetings

Combine live video, audio, and data in one interface with the cloud-based API from eyeson – easily integrable into your environment for greater efficiency and productivity.

Logo Good Applications

Good Applications – with good conscience

twenty20 operates sustainable, common-good focused, fully managed, highly available and autoscaling web applications.

NetGuardians logo infront of a finger print

NG|Screener – Payment Fraud Prevention

NetGuardian's platform leverages award-winning 3D artificial intelligence to provide unparalleled protection from ever-increasing fraud threats.

oneclick Logo vor einem Foto von oben auf zahlreiche Menschen auf einem grauen Platz, die mit digitalen Linien verbunden sind.

oneclick – Turnkey VDI Solution from the Cloud

Deliver any application, from any infrastructure, on the right device, for the right person, at the right time and location with oneclick's digital workspaces.

Phonexia Logo mit der Wellenform einer Stimme im Hintergrund.

Phonexia Orbis Fraud Detect – Voice Recognition

Phonexia's revolutionary contact center solution is powered by advanced passive voice biometrics to detect identity fraud with over 98% accuracy.

Ridge logo in front of a photo of cloudy mountains with snow.

Ridge – Go cloud-native anywhere

No more cloud coverage gaps. Using Ridge's cloud services, you profit from public cloud agility with the performance of local servers.

Mann der codiert mit Ubiops Logo im Vordergrund.

UbiOps The place to deploy your analytics code

UbiOps is the place to easily, quickly and securely to transform your models and analytics code into live applications, helping to reduce IT overhead costs.

Logo Secure Cloud Services

Full-Service Managed Cloud Infrastructure

We support our customers on their journey to the cloud with our all-round carefree package and offer them a customized infrastructure for their company.

Loxonet logo in front of a photo of a harbour building at the water.

Loxonet – An App for All

An employee app is the new generation of the classic intranet. Loxonet unites all employees on a central platform and promotes communication, knowledge sharing and automates administration.

neXboard logo in front of a photo of a entrance area of an office.

neXboard – The Digital Whiteboard

Sketch your ideas with neXboard – digitally, collaboratively and in real time. neXboard offers a digital, cloud-based whiteboard for your company.

NUIA logo on a black background.

NUIA Productivity+ – Efficiency in the Workplace

The future of computer workstations – increased efficiency, improved ergonomics and simply more fun at work thanks to gaze control and AI by NUIA.

Platform3L logo on a photo of a smiling student in the library.

Platform3L Smart Learning World

Digital classes that provide individual support thanks to AI, gamification for interactive knowledge transfer, and individual, skill-dependent learning paths.

Workplace Pure Logo mit Netzwerk aus Dateisymbolen im Hintergrund

Workplace Pure – cloud service platform

The cloud service platform “Workplace Pure” enables a cost-efficient, 24/7-available access to an entire marketplace of cloud services.

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