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NG|Screener – Payment Fraud Prevention

As payment channels have multiplied, so have the routes open to fraudsters – NetGuardian's platform NG|Screener leverages award-winning 3D artificial intelligence to provide unparalleld protection from ever-increasing fraud threats for financial institutions and their customers worldwide.

Product type: SaaS
Provider: NetGuardians SA


Ready-to-go solutions for real-time 
fraud prevention

NetGuardians’ platform NG|Screener monitors all of the bank’s payment transactions in real-time, catching more fraud with fewer false positives. It identifies suspicious payments coming from social engineering techniques or scams and ties this in with digital banking fraud indicators (such as hijacked eBanking/mBanking sessions or identity theft). NG|Screener is available on the Open Telekom Cloud, enabling financial institutions to spot and stop fraud from day one with the highest level of data protection and full GDPR compliance.


Key Features of NG|Screener

Ein Arm der ein verschlossenes Paket aushändigt

Ready-to-go AI risk models

Stop fraud from day one: NetGuardians democratizes AI for fraud prevention with ready-to-go models. No need for data science skills or lengthy and complex data science projects.

Ein Tresor mit mehreren Stapeln an Geldscheinen

Unrivalled efficiency

Save upwards of 75% on costs for fraud prevention operations. Reduce your number of payments to block by 85%, while increasing the fraud detection rate to 98%. Protect your customers and ensure they receive the best possible experience.

Hände zweier Personen die zwei Puzzleteile verbinden

Seamless integration

No need for cumbersome and time-consuming integration projects within your organization. NG|Screener is pre-integrated with major banking software providers. Get it easily in the Open Telekom Cloud.

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