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NUIA Productivity+

The future of computer workstations – Increased efficiency, improved ergonomics and simply more fun at work thanks to gaze control and AI

Product type: SaaS
Provider: 4tiitoo GmbH


Interaction at a Glance

Computer users rack up several kilometers with their mouse and click the mouse thousands of times per day. All in all, this corresponds to 20-30% lost time per working day. With gaze control and AI, NUIA significantly reduces daily mouse movements and clicks. In addition to boosting efficiency by 4-12%, this solution also offers long-lasting ergonomic advantages at computer workstations.

The added value of NUIA’s digitalization solution can be felt within just a few days and is met with great enthusiasm from employees across the board, from accounting, procurement and engineering, to software development, the back office and service centers.


Key features of NUIA Productivity+

Smart Teleport – Faster to the target point.

Smart Teleport

Whether using a browser or a CAD program, thousands of mouse movements every day add up to kilometers of distance and take up a lot of time.

By anticipating user intent and automatically moving the cursor to the desired button, link or entry field, NUIA reduces mouse movements by 80%. All it takes is a little “push” in the right direction.

Quick Click – Clicking without mouse.

Quick Click

Whether in ERP, PLM systems or service center applications, thousands of mouse clicks every day take up a great deal of time and are a permanent burden on health.

Activate entry fields, buttons or links with your gaze and a keyboard shortcut – without having to take your hands off the keyboard.

Gaze Scrolling – Reading as if by magic

Gaze Scrolling

Scrolling through long emails and websites, browsing PDF documents spanning several pages or even using the mouse wheel can put a strain on health and cause a condition known as “mouse arm.”

Browse texts and documents while NUIA automatically scrolls the text at your preferred pace – triggered simply by your gaze.

Gaze Pad – Visual shortcuts.

Gaze Pad

Many applications now offer a large number of keyboard shortcuts, but not everyone can remember them all.

Benefit from direct access to the most frequently used functions in your current application and activate them with your gaze – always triggered with the same keyboard shortcut.


4tiitoo reduces mouse movements from day one and gives users 30 minutes more each day to conduct their actual work – while at the same time ensuring a more pleasant and healthy work environment.

Stephan Odörfer, founder and CEO of 4tiitoo GmbH


Offers and prices





  • Up to 200 users
  • Premium support
  • 200 users and more (including volume discount)
  • 24/7 enterprise-level support


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