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Ridge – Go cloud-native anywhere

No more cloud coverage gaps. Using Ridge's services on Open Telekom Cloud servers, you profit from public cloud agility with the performance of local servers.

Product type: PaaS
Provider: Tectonic Labs Ltd.


Empowering application developers

One of the biggest decisions companies need to make is where to run their workloads: in the cloud or locally. Traditionally, this involves some form of trade-off between the two alternatives. Ridge harnesses the combined resources of existing local cloud providers to create a unified cloud platform that offers highly granular global distribution and enables application developers to deploy cloud-native workloads locally, while significantly improving the end-user experience in remote geographic regions.


Key features of Ridge

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Deploy wherever your users are

Thanks to a diverse resource distribution, Ridge is the only company that offers cloud-native managed-services available in any location around the globe. This ensures users low-latency access to applications no matter where they are located.

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The best of both worlds

Using Ridge, there are no compromises. Customers enjoy the benefits of public cloud agility along with the high performance and full regulatory compliance achieved by local deployment.

Several clouds that are all connected to one another via a server.

Compliant with local data sovereignity rules

Ridge's distributed architectures are always fully compliant with local data laws, allowing you to meet your regulatory and policy objectives anywhere your application is located.


The argument that we're making at Ridge is that applications that are going to really change the world going forward […] are going to care a lot about geography and care a lot about being highly distributed.

Jonathan Seelig, Ridge co-founder and Executive Chairman


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