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Managed Application Retirement Services (M.A.R.S.)

M.A.R.S. is the ideal solution for cleaning up IT landscapes and storing legacy data for legal and audit purposes in a central location.

M.A.R.S. (Managed Application Retirement Services) on the Open Telekom Cloud provide an end-to-end service to archive all data from post-productive system landscapes (SAP and non-SAP). Legacy data is extracted from the source application and transferred to the target system together with all logical correlations, ensuring targeted access from anywhere and at any time.

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M.A.R.S. as a cloud-based application makes legacy systems (SAP and Non-SAP) redundant and ensures long-term access to all corporate legacy data.

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Standardized projects

Use a methodical approach to successfully transfer all data and documents within standardized projects.

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Secured environments

Implement highly secure platform operation in dedicated virtual environments in the public cloud (Open Telekom Cloud).

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High cost savings

Benefit from unique advantages such as cost savings of up to 80%, data availability of over 30 years, and long-term GDPR and GoBD compliance, including automatic data deletion.

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Service provision

The service provision starts with a data migration project. The customer-specific basic cloud infrastructure is provided as the first step of the project phase. This platform includes its own logically isolated database environment in the form of virtual servers in the Open Telekom Cloud. As further steps of the project, the customer data migration from the source to the target systems takes place. In the running phase the customers can access the historized data on the M.A.R.S platform operated in the Open Telekom Cloud.

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Core functions

M.A.R.S. offers the following core services:

  • Datatransfer through a Data Migration Project
  • Webaccess to historical data
  • Search and reporting options within the historized system
  • 24/7 available data

More information can be found here.

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Getting started is easy – proof of concept

  • Installation of the M.A.R.S. environment
    All customers have their own instance on the public cloud solution from Deutsche Telekom (Open Telekom Cloud) and the M.A.R.S. solution is implemented.
  • Data export
    The structured data is exported from the customer’s source system. Data can be exported from SAP or non-SAP systems.
  • Data import
    The structured data is imported to our M.A.R.S. platform database.
  • Selected views and reports
    As part of the proof of concept, we generate a defined scope of views/reports. Standard views and reports are available depending on the application.
  • User configuration
    A max. number of 5 users are configured within the scope of the proof of concept.
  • Acceptance test
    T-Systems supports the customer in conducting an acceptance test and assessing the results.
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