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Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem

Powerful cloud resources for Earth observation

The satellites of the Sentinel family are Europe's eye in space – managed by the European Space Agency (ESA). They observe the earth continuously and collect enormous amounts of data from which important conclusions about the earth can be derived. Not only scientists, industry and political decision-makers benefit from the images and measurements. Earth observation data also provide important contributions to counteracting disasters and climate change. The Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem allows access to the data, its processing and analysis, but this requires powerful storage and computing resources. These come from the Open Telekom Cloud.

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> 40 petabytes
current data

< 2 seconds 
until evaluation

> 30,000 users


Good reasons for geoservices with the Open Telekom Cloud

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A comprehensively certified cloud, operated in Europe by European personnel. Reliably available. Comprehensive security measures protect data and services.

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High performance

Services far beyond IaaS: containers, databases (including GaussDB) and services for data analysis facilitate the handling of data and the preparation of analyses.

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Excellent price/performance proven by independent benchmarks, which can be used as needed in pay-as-you-go mode.


Welcome to Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem


Typical areas of application

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New ecosystem for geoservices

For companies planning to expand geoservices or offer new ones, the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem and the Open Telekom Cloud provide a powerful platform that supports agile development and operations. The data and tools enable rapid enrichment of existing services with new services, such as novel analyses, which are made immediately available to the entire ecosystem, consisting of tens of thousands of users worldwide.

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Booster for analyses

Sometimes time is of the essence: in the event of a disaster, geospatial analyses need to be quickly available. Data Space enables results in a matter of seconds. If larger volumes of data need to be analyzed, additional computing resources from the Open Telekom Cloud (also GPU-based) then ignite the performance turbo  and allow quick decisions to be made to provide targeted help to people in need. Post-evaluation, the resources are simply returned.

Screenshot Copernicus Browser: Mannheim

Efficient use of geoservices

Geoservices providers can concentrate on their core business: Providing services for specific application scenarios, such as analytics for agriculture, becomes possible without investing in software and infrastructure. Resources that grow with the user simply come as a service from the cloud.



Are you interested in earth observation data and a high-performance cloud? Let's discuss the details and possibilities together!

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