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Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS)

The Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS) of the Open Telekom Cloud allows you to perform safety copies of entire system landscapes in the Open Telekom Cloud from one easy-to-use console. CSBS backs up virtual machines from our Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) and block storage from our Elastic Volume Service (EVS). It does this by capturing all servers and volumes that work together for an application in a single backup at the exact same point in time. This way, CSBS ensures that all data is consistent across the board.

After an incident such as an operating error, an attack, or an accidental deletion, the entire system can thus quickly be restored to the status of any previous save point. The backup can be done manually or automatically. Its shortest interval is one hour. You can choose any retention period. CSBS also supports shared volumes, i.e. block storage accessed by several servers.

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Reasons for CSBS in the Open Telekom Cloud

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All your data and their backups are stored in the Deutsche Telekom's datacenter. These run in Europe and comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements. This ensures the service built on top of the Open Telekom Cloud can easily and heedlessly comply to the General Data Protection Regulations.

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Easy, fast & reliable

With CSBS there is no need to install or maintain additional servers, licenses, software and consider storage requirements. In two simple steps your backup is active and established. Select the desired ECS servers and apply a backup policy to ensure backups are reliably renewed with the latest data.

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Data backups created by CSBS are stored in three different availability zones ensuring an availability of 99.95%. The datacenter itself achieves a 99.999% availability that corresponds to Tier 3+ security level according to Uptime Institute. If you encrypted the data source, your backup will be as well.

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The CSBS service allows you to instantly restore your ECS Servers and therefore instantly recover your service. This way you can ensure to achieve a minute-level Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and make sure your service is restored quickly.

Key Features of CSBS

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Backup & Restore

CSBS allows you to create a backup and restore data in the respective server. Open Telekom Cloud storage services use the principle of zonal redundancy, i.e. multiple copies of the data stored in multiple availability zones resp. data centers. These backups can be created manually or automatically and are able to be refined in a number of ways, such as with backup policies or incremental backups.

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Incremental & Full Backups

With the CSBS service you have the possibility to create incremental backups. The service first creates a full backup resp. copy of the data. After that, it keeps track of changes to the storage source and backs up only those. This minimizes the amount of storage needed to store backups, as each backup created does not multiply the storage consumption. This lowers the cost of storing backup data. And if there is a need for a new full backup, you can perform it whenever you want.

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Backup Policies

Backup policies enable the in-depth configuration of backup execution policies as well as backup retention policies. For backup execution policies, you can select the exact weeks, days and time of regular backup cycles. Backup retention policies allow you to define the retention based on quantity of backups that should be stored or the time period that should be covered by backup availability.

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Create Images for ECS server

The CSBS Service allows you to create an ECS-server-image based on the backups created. This allows you to quickly re-use saved backups in order to create a new ECS-server with the data stored in your backup. This avoids installation and configuration of components and allows you to conveniently scale a project on your demand.

Structure and Function

The CSBS has backup and restorative functions for the ECS. Backups are stored on the OBS in three AZs.

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Disaster Recovery

Business-critical applications must be protected against failure. This is generally guaranteed through a redundant design in various data center locations. A hybrid approach can also be taken in which companies use the Open Telekom Cloud as a disaster recovery location. The locally separated operation of the infrastructures (with different management) provides the business application with additional protection against failure.


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