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Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

When the landscapes managed in a cloud become larger or when they become subject to greater demands (auditability), it is especially important to be able to trace when which resources were accessed and by whom. Clouds offer tools that make background processes transparent and that create corresponding logs, which are often important when services need to be audited (e.g. internal and external audit requests from payment service providers and others). Moreover, logs make security-related monitoring easier and help when searching for or eliminating errors.

Cloud Trace Service (CTS) is an effective monitoring tool that allows users to analyze their cloud resources using traces. A tracker is automatically generated when the service is started and monitors access to all the respective user’s cloud resources using the generated traces. The monitoring logs can be saved long-term and cost-effectively in the Object Storage Service (OBS). The CTS can also be used in conjunction with Simple Message Notification (SMN), allowing the user to receive a message when certain events occur.

The use of Cloud Trace Service is free of charge. Charges may apply for the configuration or integration of other services in CTS (see Structure and Function). See our service description for details.

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Reasons for CTS in the Open Telekom Cloud

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Ease of use

When Cloud Trace Service (CTS) is enabled, a tracker is created automatically. The tracker will generate trace files and send them to your specified Object Storage Service (OBS) bucket. File Prefix can be customized to mark trace files to be transferred, helping you quickly find required files.

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Cloud security

CTS is a log audit service for cloud security. You can use operation records to perform security analyses, track resource changes, audit compliance, and locate faults. Log audit is an essential part of security risk control for information systems in enterprises and public sectors.

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Once you enable CTS, the system automatically identifies cloud services enabled on the cloud platform, captures key operations on the services, and reports audit logs of these operations to CTS. For details on key operations supported by CTS, see Supported Services and Operation Lists.

Key Features of CTS

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Operation recording

When operations such as addition, deletion, or modification are performed on the services connected with CTS, they will record the operations in specified formats and send the records to CTS. Such services include Elastic Cloud Server (ECS), Elastic Volume Service (EVS), and Image Management Service (IMS).

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Trace file query

You can query operation records of the last seven days on the Trace List page by time and multiple filters, such as trace source, resource type, operator, or trace status. You can enable, disable, delete, or modify a tracker on the Tracker page on the CTS console.

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Trace file transfer

CTS keeps operation records for seven days and periodically delivers the records to your specified OBS buckets for long-term storage. During transfer, traces are compressed into trace files by the service.

Structure and function

Cloud Trace Service directly connects to other public cloud services, records cloud resource operations and their results, and stores these records in the form of trace files to OBS buckets in real time.

Before enabling CTS, you need to create an OBS bucket. When Cloud Trace Service is enabled, a tracker is created automatically. The tracker will generate trace files and send them to your specified OBS bucket.

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Use Cases

Security audit

Fault Location 

Resource Tracking


New Features

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SFS Turbo supports Cloud Trace Service (CTS)View Details
CTS API v3 availableView Details

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