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DataArts Studio new features 

DataArts Studio new minor version contains the following fixes:

  1. Unable to select project during instance creation.
  2. Exporting data connections does not allow hyphen in filename field.

New features:




The raise notice notifications of Data Warehouse Service (DWS) can be collected in job development and monitoring in DataArts Factory.


Python Spark tasks in DataArts Factory support the online script mode.


The historical performance and end time of instances can be viewed in DataArts Factory.


The creation time of jobs in DataArts Factory can be monitored, and jobs can be sorted by creation time or scheduling end time.


The monitoring overview page on the DataArts Factory console displays more information, such as the number of instances in different statuses, the number of completed tasks, and task type distribution.


DataArts Factory supports the review of scripts and jobs.


In DataArts Factory, alarms can be continuously generated for tasks that are not rectified, and alarms can be sent to specified owners.


DataArts Factory provides enhanced scheduling capabilities. A job with a longer period can depend on a job with a shorter period, the latest instance can be depended on, and dependency on a single upstream instance can be removed.


Further information can be found in the DDM area of the Help Center.


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