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Distributed Cache Service (DCS)

For e-commerce, video sharing, gaming, and other data-intensive applications, it is essential for data to be retrieved as quickly as possible. Distributed Cache Service (DCS) in the Open Telekom Cloud provides a fast, yet inexpensive data retrieval, allowing you to access data from in-memory data stores instead of relying entirely on slower disk-based databases.

Redis (NoSQL database) is available in the Open Telekom Cloud as DCS. It is ideal for use as a cache server, e.g., in order to accelerate the loading times of websites, and is able to handle various data structures. Clusters made up of individual DCS instances can be used for applications with extremely high performance requirements. DCS in the Open Telekom Cloud is billed on an hourly basis is accordance with the chosen RAM size and type (master/standby or single-node database).

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Reasons for DCS in the Open Telekom Cloud

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Backing Up and Restoring

If a DCS instance becomes faulty, data in the instance can be restored from an OBS backup so that service continuity remains unaffected.

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Command Capability with Redis

DCS supports compatibility with Redis commands, including supported commands, disabled commands, unsupported scripts, commands of later Redis versions, and restrictions on command usage.

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Data persistence, support for master/standby and Proxy Cluster modes, and automatic failover between cache nodes ensure data reliability and service availability. 


DCS Specifications

Single-node DCS Redis 3.0 instances

Master/standby DCS Redis 3.0 instances

Proxy Cluster DCS Redis 3.0 instances

DCS for Redis 4.0

DCS for Redis 5.0

Redis commands disabled for security reasons in DCS 4.0 and 5.0


Use Cases

DCS instances are fully managed, meaning you no longer need to perform management tasks such as hardware provisioning, software patching, monitoring, or failure recovery. The service can handle various data structures, but should not be used for complex ones - relational databases are better suited for these purposes.

Caching storage in RAM allows fast data access, meaning Redis as DCS is ideal for use as a cache server for all applications in which speed is the main focus, such as real-time analyses, high-speed transactions, and message queuing. However, the storage cache is not persistent, meaning that the stored data is deleted if the virtual machine is switched off. Consider using DCS when you need to cache the following types of data:

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  • Web Pages
    Caching the content of web pages improves page load times. The cached content can include static data, such as HTML pages, CSS, and images.
  • Status
    DCS provides quick and simple queries of session status and application-scaling status, enabling easy sharing of status information.
  • Application objects
    DCS serves as a level-2 cache at the service layer and provides data storage and access for external entities. Storing frequently requested data in DCS instances can offload databases and reduce access latency.
  • Events
    DCS provides continuous event querying, allowing streams of events to be processed as they occur.

New Features

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DCS API v2 AvailableView Details
End of Sale for Redis 3.xView Details

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