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Digital work and communication processes for legal firms

Laptop with open application: 5F platform for digitalization in law firms
The 5F platform digitizes work and communication processes in law firms.

Six questions for Christian Lang (CEO) and Andreas Baier (CTO) of 5FSoftware

You founded a startup. In three sentences, can you describe the challenges your end customers face? 

Our customers – accountants, business auditors, legal advisors – want to digitalize their work and communication processes to make them more efficient. This demand can increasingly be seen among clients, as well, who also want to benefit from the convenience of digitalized processes. These firms have to process huge amounts of sensitive data every day requiring a secure, high-performance infrastructure – with an emphasis on secure. The current problem: Firms use a variety of channels to communicate with their clients, including USB sticks, email, file-sharing, folders passed back and forth, and so on – this is inefficient, intransparent, and time-intensive, and fails to meet the usual data protection standards for professional secrecy holders.

What is your solution for this?

5FSoftware GmbH has developed the 5F client portal, an innovative solution for digitalizing and optimizing the work and communication processes for legal firms and their clients. Thanks to its powerful process engine, the 5F platform can handle large amounts of data and can structure and simplify work processes – such as document exchange and communication between firm and client – through a variety of workflows.

What is your USP?

As a whole, the 5F platform is a one-of-a-kind solution for efficient collaboration between firms and clients that is characterized by its extreme flexibility: Like a construction kit, users can adapt the 5F platform to their individual work processes easily and intuitively – independent of the firm size, from a one-person accounting firm to a top-10 giant. As such, 5F is the ideal central communication channel for different areas with similar requirements, such as tax consultancy, business auditing, legal advisory, and enterprise consulting.

Christian Lang CEO and Andreas Baier CTO, 5FSoftware GmbH

It’s very important for us to be able to offer our customers state-of-the-art technology that satisfies the data protection requirements for professional secrecy holders in every regard.

– Christian Lang CEO and Andreas Baier CTO, 5FSoftware GmbH 

Why did you join the TechBoost program?

As a startup, we were looking for a provider for modern cloud infrastructure made and hosted in Germany. It was very important to us to be able to offer our customers state-of-the-art technology that satisfies the data protection requirements for professional secrecy holders in every regard. As a completely trustworthy company, Deutsche Telekom was our top choice from the start. Our participation in the TechBoost program was a big help for us in our early phases, because the Open Telekom Cloud grew together with our young company.

What are your top three services from the Open Telekom Cloud and how do you benefit from them?

  1. Elastic Cloud Server (ECS): Scalable server landscape in a dynamic environment
  2. Cloud Container Engine (CCE): Clustering with Kubernetes
  3. Relational Database Service (RDS) and Distributed Cache Service (DCS): Software-as-a-service databases with maximum availability

What do you have planned for the future?

The future will involve the intelligent utilization of existing data from clients and firms, to develop suggestion systems that help them work more efficiently. This will require powerful, high-efficiency systems for information retrieval and processing, to meet the demands for data protection and the relevance of the results.

5FSoftware and the Open Telekom Cloud

Find out how 5FSoftware enables secure data exchange in digitalized professional firms.


Illustration of the competitive comparison of cloud platforms

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The Open Telekom Cloud has once again secured the title as one of the leading public cloud solutions on the German market. According to ISG analysts, the solution scores highly with European security, hybrid options and an exemplary sustainability strategy.


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