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CCE – New release with Kubernetes 1.25 is now available in EU-DE and EU-NL

The Cloud Container Engine (CCE) with K8s v1.25 is now released in German and Netherland region. Further information about Kubernetes 1.25 can be found in K8s release announcement.


In Kubernetes 1.24, dockershim was removed from the Kubernetes community. You are advised to select containerd for new nodes. To ensure workload continuity, migrate node containers to containerd as soon as possible. The current CCE cluster is still compatible with Docker. Kubernetes 1.27 may remove support for Docker as a container runtime.

New Features:

  • New Console - Enjoy the new generation of user interface.
  • New Chapter “Best Practice” in the CCE area of the Help Center.
  • new Volcano add-on - Volcano is a batch system built on Kubernetes. It provides a suite of mechanisms currently missing from Kubernetes that are commonly required by many classes of batch & elastic workload including machine learning/deep learning, bioinformatics/genomics, other big data applications.
  • new NPD add-on - An add-on that detects Kubernetes node problems.

Modified and Deprecated Features:

  • Node creation and optional plug-ins are no longer appeared during cluster creation wizard. Therefore, the creation process is shortened to avoid mistakes and users can focus more on cluster creation.
  • Only the cluster and node overview function are provided in the dashboard.
  • The storage function is changed to native API invoking, which resolves the pain point that users cannot use K8S RBAC to manage storage. In addition, high-level capabilities such as PV creation and self-defined recycling policies are re-supported through native community methods.
  • Cluster Scale - CCE allows to change cluster scale - increase the number of nodes managed in a cluster.
  • Node operation features (Console and API) - Migrate a node between clusters, Accept existing ECS server as a worker node, Reset and Remove worker nodes
  • Service Account Token Security Improvement - In clusters earlier than v1.21, a token is obtained by mounting the secret of the service account to a pod. Tokens obtained this way are permanent. This approach is no longer recommended starting from version 1.21. Service accounts will stop auto creating secrets in clusters from version 1.25.
  • Removed the PodSecurityPolicy API and added the PodSecurity
  • Removed API Group.
  • Bug Fixes


  • The current version of AOM is not compatible with CCE 1.25.
  • Upgrading to CCE 1.25 is not supported currently. This feature will be enabled in the next weeks.

For more information about Cloud Container Engine, see the CCE area of the Help Center.


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