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Data Warehouse Service New Features

New minor version of Data Warehouse Service (DWS) offers new features and some changes on existing ones.

New features:



The PBE batch processing is optimized

On the CN side, the scheduling mode of the PBE batch processing operations (insert, upsert, and update) is optimized so that the operations are executed in parallel instead of serial mode.

The column-store index cost selection is optimized

The index_selectivity_cost function is provided to control the cost calculation (selectivity > 0.001) of the cbtree during index scanning in the column-store table, so that the column-store index can be used better.

Reclaim the column-store index space

Column-store indexes (cbtrees) can reclaim space by autovacuum.

View of information on table processing

Provides the pg_stat_object system table to record information about the storage layer.

The table lock is optimized

1. The guc parameter ddl_lock_timeout is added to specify the duration for blocking DDL statements, such as DDL statements, to quickly terminate DDL statements that fail to obtain the lock. This parameter is valid only for eight-level locks.

2. The guc parameter ddl_select_concurrent_mode is added to control whether the select operation is terminated in a timely manner when the truncate, exchange, and select (non-transaction block) are run concurrently.

3. Vacuum full: Add level-1 lock to the primary table and level-8 lock to the partition.

GTM thread pool

The GTM thread is frequently created or destroyed due to frequent connection establishment between the CN/DN and GTM.

HStore supports hot and cold tables

HStore supports hot and cold tables, reducing storage costs.

Create stacks in SQL mode

You can use the SQL and gs_gstack tools to create stacks without relying on the GDB.

Network I/O management and control

1. Resource pools can manage and control network sending by quota.

2. Network exception SQL statements can be degraded and run at a low speed.

Indicates whether to enable the global memory management and control function of the CCN

CCN global memory management and control can be disabled.

Oracle compatibility enhancement

Global temporary tables

Plan management is supported

The error tolerance parameter compatible_illegal_chars is supported when GDS is exported to a foreign table

The window function last_value supports the ignore nulls function


Further information can be found in the DWS area of the Help Center.


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