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DDS supports 42 new APIs

The following 42 APIs are now supported in Document Database Service:

  • Querying the Database Disk Type
  • Restarting a DB Instance
  • Scaling Up Storage Space
  • Adding Nodes for a Cluster Instance
  • Modifying DB Instance Specifications
  • Performing a Primary/Secondary Switchover in a Replica Set Instance
  • Enabling or Disabling SSL
  • Modifying a DB Instance Name
  • Changing a Database Port
  • Changing a Security Group
  • Binding an EIP
  • Unbinding an EIP
  • Changing a Private IP Address
  • Enabling Shard or Config IP Addresses
  • Querying Sessions of an Instance Node
  • Killing Sessions of an Instance Node
  • Querying the Number of Connections to an Instance Node
  • Creating a Manual Backup
  • Deleting a Manual Backup
  • Querying the Backup List
  • Querying an Automated Backup Policy
  • Setting an Automated Backup Policy
  • Restoring Data to a New DB Instance
  • Obtaining the Link for Downloading a Backup File
  • Querying the Restoration Time Ranges
  • Obtaining the List of Databases That Can Be Restored
  • Obtaining the List of Database Collections That Can Be Restored
  • Restoring Data to the Original DB Instance
  • Restoring Databases and Tables to a Point in Time
  • Querying Database Slow Logs
  • Obtaining Links for Downloading Slow Query Logs
  • Querying Database Error Logs
  • Obtaining Links for Downloading Error Logs
  • Setting SQL Audit
  • Querying SQL Audit Policy
  • Obtaining the Audit Log List
  • Obtaining Links for Downloading Audit Logs
  • Querying Resources by Tag
  • Adding or Deleting Resource Tags in Batches
  • Querying Resource Tags
  • Querying Tags in a Specified Project
  • Obtaining Information About a Task with a Specified ID

Further information can be found in the DDS area of the Help Center.


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