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CCE - New release with Kubernetes 1.17 and other functions released

The cloud container engine has now released Kubernetes version 1.17.5 and several other features. The new version brings an improved and safer alternative for future workloads. Alternatively, the older version v1.15 remains, which currently cannot be automatically migrated to the latest version. The old Kubernetes version 1.13 will be replaced and will no longer be offered for provisioning new clusters. Currently, there is only the upgrade option to migrate the existing workloads with Kubernetes version 1.11 to 1.13.

We recommend switching to the new version 1.17 in order to benefit from the security and other core improvements.

Further features of this release are:

CentOS 7.7 for the worker nodes

For the worker nodes, there is now the option to choose between EulerOS 2.5 and CentOS 7.7.

OBS Storage Support

The CCE console now offers the possibility to access the OBS storage from an existing OBS bucket or to create a new OBS storage (in different types and classes). The OBS comes with RESTful API to enable storage access via its own applications or third-party tools. The OBS memories offer an extremely large capacity, high performance, and responsiveness in the range of 10 ms, which are especially suitable for big data, IoT, as well as web and mobile applications. In addition, the OBS data can be connected via private and public networks. All devices, including servers, embedded devices, and IoT devices, use the same path to access the data in shared OBS buckets.

Support for SFS Turbo

The cloud container engine supports the future SFS Turbo file system, which is designed for fast and scalable architectures. The areas of application of SFS Turbo include containerized microservices, DevOps, and enterprise office applications. In addition, the SFS Turbo file system can be connected to several servers at the same time in order to enable data distribution.

Initially, only the import of the existing SFS Tubo data carriers is supported via the CCE console.

Node pool and add-on management improvements

The CCE gets two new interface functions to manage the node pools and add-ons via RESTful APIs:

  • The node pool operations include create, select, update, and delete of nodes
  • The add-ons can now be connected using the API interface for installation, query, update, or deletion.

Additional data disk

There is also a new option available during cluster node creation. The user is able to attach additional data disk for each worker node.

Flavor support

The new CCE version also supports the last flavor generation of General Computing (C4), Memory-optimized (M4), GPU flavor (G6), and the new Pi2 flavor.

Further information can be found in the CCE area of the Help Center.


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