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PostgreSQL Minor Version upgrade now available in EU-DE and EU-NL


  •  You are advised to perform a full backup before upgrading a minor version.
  • When any new minor version is released to address vulnerabilities and other issues from the opensource community, perform a minor version upgrade for your instance.
  • The upgrade will cause the instance to reboot and interrupt services for a short period of time. The length of the interruption depends on service volume. To minimize the impact of the upgrade, perform the upgrade during off-peak hours, or ensure that your applications support automatic reconnection.
  • When you upgrade the minor version of a primary instance, the minor versions of read replicas (if any) will also be upgraded automatically. Read replicas cannot be upgraded separately.
  • A minor version upgrade cannot be rolled back after the upgrade is complete. If the upgrade fails, the DB instance will be automatically rolled back to the source version.
  • You need to re-establish a Disaster Recovery (DR) relationship after upgrading the minor version of a DR instance.
  • Before upgrading minor versions earlier than RDS for PostgreSQL 12.6, you need to stop all logical replications and delete all logical replication slots. Otherwise, the upgrade will fail.
    • Querying a replication slot: select * from pg_replication_slots;
    • Deleting a replication slot: select pg_drop_replication_slot('SLOT_NAME');


  • The minor version cannot be upgraded for instances with abnormal nodes.
  • The following minor version cannot be upgraded:
    • Versions earlier than 11.2 for RDS for PostgreSQL 11
  • The upgrade will be performed immediately upon the submission of your request. Delayed upgrade of minor versions is not supported.


Log in to the management console.

1. Click in the upper left corner and select a region and a project.
2. Click Service List. Under Database, click Relational Database Service to go to the RDS console. The RDS console is displayed.
3. On the Instance Management page, click the target DB instance.

Relational Database Service

4. In the DB Information area on the Basic Information page, click Upgrade in the DB Engine field.

DB Information

In the displayed dialog box, select a scheduled time and click OK.

Upgrade Minor Version


The upgrade will cause intermittent network disconnections for no more than 30s once or twice. Therefore, perform the upgrade during off-peak hours. Minor versions of read replicas (if any) will be upgraded automatically.

The database instance will be upgraded accordingly with your choice in previous figure.

See RDS section for more information in out Help Centers.


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