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Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR)

Loss of data or system failure may appear in every system. The reasons are manifold. May it be soft or hardware failures, virus intrusion or accidentally deleted data & configurations. But even power failure or a fire in the server room or datacenter can be the root cause for service outages or loss of data. Therefore, IT service providers have to implement adequate recovery mechanisms to ensure the service can be recovered quickly and data lost can be reduced to a minimum.

The Open Telekom Cloud therefore offers the Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) Service that enables you to backup and restore your Elastic Cloud Servers (ECS), Elastic Volume Service disks (EVS) as well as your Scalable-File-Service Turbo (SFS) file shares. Thanks to the CBR you can easily implement a backup service that quickly and reliably restores your service so its consumers regain quick access to the service & data they need.

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Reasons for CBR in the Open Telekom Cloud

CBR: Compliant


All your data and their backups are stored in the Deutsche Telekom's datacenter. These run in Europe and comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements. This ensures the service built on top of the Open Telekom Cloud can easily and heedlessly comply to the General Data Protection Regulations.

CBR: Easy, fast & reliable

Easy, fast & reliable

With the CBR there is no need to install or maintain additional servers, licenses, software and consider storage requirements. In 3 simple steps your backup is active and established. Just add a vault, select the service and finally apply a backup policy to ensure backups are reliably re-newed with the up-to-date data.

CBR: Secure


Data backups created by CBR are stored in 3 different availability zones ensuring an availability of 99.95%. The datacenter itself achieves a 99.999% availability that corresponds to Tier 3+ Security level according to Uptime Institute. And in case you encrypted the data source, your backup will be as well.

CBR: Efficient


The CBR service allows you to instantly restore your data and therefore instantly recover your service. This way you can ensure to achieve a minute-level Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and make sure your service is restored quickly.


Key Features of CBR

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Backup & Restore

CBR allows you to instantly create a vault, execute a backup and restore the data resp. server. In addition, backup policies can be defined and applied. These ensure that a continuous and reliable backup is performed and a Recovery-Point-Objective (RPO) is considered and implemented.

CBR: Incremental & Full Backups

Incremental & Full Backups

With the CBR service you have the possibility to create incremental backups. The service first creates a full backup resp. copy of the data. After that, it keeps track of changes to the storage source and backs up only those. This minimizes the amount of storage needed to store backups, as each backup created does not multiply the storage consumption. This lowers the cost of storing backup data. And if there is a need for a new full backup, you can perform it whenever you want.

CBR: Backup Policies

Backup Policies

Backup policies enable you to define the configuration of backup execution policies in-depth as well as backup retention policies. For the backup execution policy you can granularily select the weeks, day and time when a backup should be performed, as well as configure the regular backup cycles. For the retention policy you can define the retention based on quantity of backups that should be stored, the time period that should be covered by backup availability, or if a backup should be stored permanently.

CBR: Vaults

Vaults: Scaling with cost-control

With CBR you define the vault size and therefore can easily control your costs with the definition of vault size and your corresponding vault configuration. And if you need more, you simply increase the vault size. This provides you the ability to scale and keep an eye on your costs.

CBR: Creation of Disks, Images, or File Shares

Creation of Disks, Images, or File Shares

The CBR Service allows you to re-create EVS Disks, ECS Images or SFS Turbo File Shares based on a created backup. This allows you to quickly re-use saved backups and easily scale your project.

CBR: Share Backup

Share Backup

You can share backups with other Open Telekom Cloud projects and therefore avoid that a server including all the configurations and data needs to be re-created. This will help to save time and effort to recreate instances used for multiple projects.


Structure and Function

With CBR you can make your service less vulnerable against failures, virus intrusions or other issues that may cause service interruption and data loss.

A structure overview of Cloud Backup & Recovery in the Open Telekom Cloud.

* In order to restore a SFS Turbo share, the CBRs "Create SFS Turbo" function has to be used creating a new SFS Turbo share based on the backup selected.


New Features

Cloud Backup & Recovery (CBR) supports IAMs policies in EU-NLView Details
CBR Service supports the creation of up to 20 tagsView Details
Migration of Backups for ServerView Details
COMING SOONQ1/2024 – Cross-Region Backups 

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