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DWS new features

Following features were implemented in Data Warehouse Service (DWS) more:

  • EVS disk scale-out is supported.
  • The database monitoring (DMS) is enhanced.
  1. The cluster dashboard page is displayed. You can view the cluster status, real-time resource consumption, top SQL statements, cluster resource consumption, and key database metrics.
  2. Query monitoring is changed to real-time query. It displays real-time information about all the queries and sessions running in the cluster.
  3. Session monitoring is changed to historical query. It displays all the historical query information in the current cluster.
  4. The DDL audit function is added. DDL audit is used to check whether DDL metadata is standard, helping users detect potential problems in table definitions.
  5. The SQL probe function is added. You can upload and verify SQL probes, execute probe tasks in one click, and periodically execute probe tasks.
  6. The Workload Diagnosis Report (WDR) function collects and analyzes database performance data. You can create workload snapshots to record cluster workload data in a specified period.
  • Cluster scale-in is supported.
  • During scale-out, you can configure the number of concurrent redistribution tasks.
  • Added the support for 3.x MRS data source connections
  • Added the support for intelligent O&M
    • With this feature, you can specify the proper time window and number of tasks to execute based on the cluster workload. Besides, Intelligent O&M can adjust task execution policies according to service changes in a timely manner to reduce the impact on services. Periodic tasks and one-off tasks are supported, and you can configure the time window as required.
    • Only clusters of 8.1.3 and later versions support this function.
  • Offline scheduling and redistribution.
    • Cluster redistribution can be scheduled. Tables are redistributed only within the time window you configured.
    • Only clusters of 8.1.3 and later versions support this function.
  • Cluster capacity display
    • You can check the snapshot capacity, monitoring statistics, and cold data capacity.
  • Resource pool queue congestion alarm
  • Alarms can be generated for resource pool queue congestions.
  • Added support for cluster resizing.
    • Resizing a cluster is similar to migrating an old cluster to a new cluster with changed flavors or nodes.
  • Snapshots can be restored to the current cluster.
    • If a cluster is faulty or data needs to be rolled back to a specified snapshot version, you can specify a snapshot to restore data to the current cluster.
  • Added support for OBS data sources.
    • GaussDB (DWS) can access data on OBS by using an agency. You can create a GaussDB (DWS) agency, grant the corresponding permissions to the agency, and bind the agency to an OBS data source you created. In this way, you can access data on OBS by using OBS foreign tables.
  • Added the cluster topology page.
    • This page displays the topology of all nodes in a cluster, helping users view the status, processes, and IP addresses of each node.

Further information can be found in the Data Warehouse Service (DWS) area of the Help Center.


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