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Open Telekom Cloud Helpcenter 3.2 brings visual update

The Helpcenter is the one-stop shop for all types of user manuals, API references, tutorials, developer guides, and blueprints for the Open Telekom Cloud at a single place. Introduced by version 3.2 the platform undergoes a visual update. The new release focuses on enhancing user experience by adopting Deutsche Telekom's visual brand framework Scale. Written in TypeScript, the modern components ensure a unified and intuitive aesthetic, aligning the Helpcenter's appearance with other Deutsche Telekom websites.

At a Glance

  • Service and Version: Open Telekom Cloud Helpcenter 3.2
  • Release Date: February 5, 2024, 18:00 CET
  • Main Changes: Visual updates, improved Search UI

Notable Enhancements
While the focus of this update is on visual adjustments, both content and structure of the service documentation are not affected, but on details. We would like to highlight a few enhancements, though:

  • Blueprints: Introduction of hands-on blueprints offering practical use cases and solutions for cloud architects and full-stack developers.
  • Design for Larger Screens: Adjustments made to enhance platform display on larger screens.
  • Dark Mode: Seamless user experience with the introduction of a dark mode, triggered by browser preferences.
  • Layout Adjustments: Improved readability and information accessibility through changes in layout and color scheme (magenta, white, and grayscaled colors).
  • Improved User Search Experience: Focus and button enhancements for a better search experience.
  • Service Icons Update: Revamped service icons for clearer understanding and ease of use.

Impact and Known Issues
Some layout UI elements of the Helpcenter like colors, fonts, or shapes may visually change, so users should make themselves familiar with the new design. The new platform is rolled out automatically; users are not required to perform any action.

The frequently requested feature of automated production of PDF documents is not yet enabled in this very release but is pre-announced for a subsequent release. Users encountering any issues after the release are advised to contact the Helpdesk or open an issue by clicking on the "report a bug" button available on every page.

The Open Telekom Cloud Helpcenter 3.2 comes with a visually enhanced experience. For feedback and details, visit our Techblog in the Community Portal or open an issue in our code repository. Your feedback is invaluable in further improving the platform.


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