Open Telekom Cloud for Business Customers

Private Link Access Service / Basics

What is PLAS?

What is the difference between PLAS and Direct Connect?

How can I get PLAS?

Where is PLAS located?


PLAS Options

What options does PLAS offer?

What is PLAS Ethernet Redundant?

What is PLAS Ethernet Light?

What is PLAS Ethernet VPN Global? (aka PLAS SCC or PLAS Ethernet Connect international)

What is PLAS MPLS? (aka PLAS VPN)

What is PLAS Cloud Exchange? (aka PLAS CX)

I need a full 10G link from my data center to Open Telekom Cloud. How can I do this?

I need access with 100Gbit/s capacity

What bandwidths are available to order?

Can I get access to other cloud providers via PLAS?


Network products that can be used to connect to Open Telekom Cloud

Do I need a new contract to establish connectivity?

Where do I get the network product?

What is Ethernet Connect?

What is Lambda Connect?

What is Secure Cloud Connect?

What is IntraSelect Cloud Connect?

What bandwidths are provided by PLAS MPLS and IntraSelect Cloud Connect?

There are two different POPs in the PLAS MPLS dialog. Can I use both for redundancy?

What is Equinix Cloud Exchange?

Is it possible to work with my preferred network provider and not with Deutsche Telekom products?


Architectural Details

Do I get an active/active or an active/passive architecture?

Does the external network bandwidth have to be identical to the Direct Connect and PLAS bandwidth?

Can I aggregate links?

Can I use one or two asymmetric links to Open Telekom Cloud?

Can I connect two different locations for the two required links?

Can I use PLAS as a site-to-site network for my subsidiaries and data centers?

How redundant is PLAS itself?

Can I get access to more than one of my VPCs?

Do I still have internet access when using PLAS?

Can I use load balancing on PLAS?

How many routes can I use per eBGP session?



How do I order a private connectivity option?

How long will it take until I can use the link?

Can you provide me a summary of what to do to get a private access to Open Telekom Cloud in general?

When the Ethernet line is ready, can I start to work?

What is the service ID mentioned in PLAS settings dialog?

What does my IP admin need to know about PLAS?

I need to fill in the order form for PLAS Connectivity, where do I get VLAN IDs?

Do customers have to setup eBGP themselves?

Is the QinQ C-Tag function mandatory?

What is the meaning of the terms in the order forms?


Pricing and Billing

What are the pricing elements for a private connection via PLAS?

When does billing for PLAS start and stop?


Service Levels

What about Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?


Related Open Telekom Cloud network functions

What is Direct Connect?

What is VPC peering?

What is VPC endpoint?

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